You know you’re in the USA when…

…everybody is greeting you with a ‘Hi.How are you!’ and you can’t respond fast enough, so you say it first!
…you say silly  instead of stupid
… you think $200 every week just for shopping and Starbucks is not that much
…you’ve seen more movies in one month than in your whole life at home
…you drive over 30 minutes to a friend just for a coffee and you think it’s not so far
…you say ‘like’, 'seriously', 'awsome' and ‘totally’ every three words
…someone has asked you stupid questions like: ‘do you have cars in your country?’ ‘Where is your country?’or "You don't have Thanksgiving??"
…you park as close to the store as possible so you don’t have to walk even one yard too far
…you notice yourself saying ‘I appreciate’ a hundred times a day
…you miss the good old days when you were able to go to the bakery and get real bread with real butter
…you don’t walk into the bank, you use the drive-thru to get your money
…you use sanitizer instead of washing your hands
…you know how to make MAC&Cheese
…you know what carpool is
…you can list all the free parking within 20 miles from your house
…you start apologizing for walking by someone in the grocery store
…one cup of coffee doesn`t make you awake anymore. it just makes you alive
…you don't care anymore about your looks

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